From local shops to the
online marketplace

By becoming a Prione Business Partner, you will be helping aspiring local entrepreneurs to sell online. You will be a part of their e-commerce journey every step of the way, from registering to selling online, to photographing products to providing training to manage online accounts.

Become an e-commerce

With the help of Prione's expertise and knowledge, you can set up a modern high-tech operation in your city and become a web entrepreneur. We will guide you in assembling a team, and help you to create the perfect online launch pad for local sellers.

A low-investment,
high-returns venture

With an initial investment of just Rs. 4 lakhs, you will be able to set up your enterprise. The opportunity offers attractive returns on investment and the potential to recover your investment in four to five months. For every seller you launch, you will get attractive incentives and benefits.

Your steps to success


Get in touch with us to find out more about the Prione Business Partner Program.


Tell us why you and your city are well suited for this opportunity.


Our team will judge your capabilities for becoming a successful Prione Business Partner.


Once selected, our team will help you set up a modern high-tech office.


We will train your team to enable sellers to successfully sell online.


Start earning attractive incentives and benefits for bringing sellers into the Prione network.

Prione has successfully brought onboard more than 44,000 sellers, In over 50 cities across India.


We have the experience of adding
over 44,000 online sellers to the e-commerce world

Direct presence in more than 25 cities and in more than 25 cities and presence through Business Partners in more than 25 cities

Low-cost investment model

Attractive incentive schemes

Become an expert in e-commerce seller-acquisition

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