Manage Your Online Business


Consumers are adopting online shopping rapidly. This has opened up a huge and unrealized window. We, at Prione, are committed to empowering SMBs in this fast growing digital economy. We help you understand what customers are looking for (and what they are not) through our business intelligence and sales reports to help you select the right product range, optimize prices and quantity. With suitable product ranges, you can engage a broader, nationwide customer base and with sharp prices and quantity you can increase your sales, enable better customer experience and reduce sales losses with improved efficiencies.


We help SMBs raise efficiencies by regularly monitoring delivery performance, keeping an eye on customer reviews and bridging any communication gaps between SMBs and buyers. This results in good customer service, good performance and better sales.

To sustain your performance and for better customer experience we will consult you to adopt the right courier partner. Orders will be picked up from your location by delivery associates and delivered to the buyers' location with minimal effort from your side. Customers get track-able shipments and faster and predictable delivery time. In addition, buyers also get an option to pay for orders at the time of delivery using the Cash on Delivery (COD) feature.


This product gives SMBs the flexibility to configure service regions, service levels/delivery time, delivery charges and rate models. We consult you to adopt the right product for your online business if you are dealing with bulky or heavy or valuable or perishable goods. By using our recommended tools, you can sell to specific regions, sell at specific prices and delivery rates. You have all the freedom to select the region and prices as per the nature of your product.

Grow Your Online Business


Busy in growing your business by strengthening procurement? Don't worry, we will introduce you to the right online product. We will introduce you to a service which allows storage of inventory, picks, packs and ships orders across India and provides best in class customer service. We will enable access to world-class fulfillment resources, fast, free delivery options for products, and trusted, acclaimed customer service. When you opt for this service, your offer becomes more competitive and sales improve.


As the online industry expands exponentially, the number of products on online platforms are increasing and thereby the need to showcase products to increase sales. Prione helps SMBs extend a service self-service advertising program to advertise their products online.

Based on the nature of your products and business requirement we will consult you on usage of online advertising products. You will be enabled with a self-service advertising program to promote your products. This service has a performance based payment system which uses keyword targeting to improve product placements.


Personalized touch to your business by assigning an exclusive account manager*

*Applicable for eligible sellers

Professional team of 50+ Account Managers, who have collectively managed and grown ~1000 new online businesses since June 2014 in 30+ cities in India

Data driven insights and business reports to help you understand market needs and cater accordingly

Handholding you through the process of understanding and adopting new products that will scale up your business

Supporting you with business intelligence, performance monitoring and other related aspects, while you can concentrate on your most important task: sourcing and pricing

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